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About Echo Energy Group

Echo Energy Group provides intelligent, sustainable alternatives for energy generation, distribution and consumption. We work with innovators to get a project in motion and see it through to fruition. By structuring its resources around innovative technology, Echo Energy Group is uniquely positioned to maximize the renewable technology environment to improve efficiencies and reduce harmful after effects.

Why We Exist

The team at Echo Energy Group is passionate about alternative energy technology, sustainability, and identifying the optimal solutions. We are also committed to helping innovators manage their energy projects by lowering their utility costs, improving their energy independence, and protecting their technology. Echo Energy Group provides custom-tailored, exceptional quality alternative energy and sustainability solutions within the United States and abroad. Our purpose is to accelerate and enhance the evolution of energy and renewable technology. To that end, our strategy is to provide price-focused and service-oriented value-added services for a more stable, disciplined, and integrated energy supply chain.

Who We Are

The founders of Echo Energy Group are a diverse team with expertise in engineering and design, solar applications, electrical and plumbing, construction, and the technologies that underly our technology solutions. This breadth of experience allows us to ensure our client’s needs are met and their expectations are exceeded. Just as important as our technical expertise, are our personal and business philosophies of honesty, integrity, accountability, and service. We work in energy and other innovative technologies, because we believe in it and can provide an honest solution to our clients. Our technology is feasible and sustainable. When you work with Echo Energy Group, our founders are involved in EVERY solution and Every project, EVERY step of the way.

Our Core Values

 INTEGRITY:  We believe our promise is our most vital product – our word is our bond. The relationships that are critical to our success depend entirely on maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards. In this way, individual and corporate aspirations are harmonized, while earning the trust and respect of our peers.
 CUSTOMER FOCUS:  We strive to understand and develop relationships with customers to profitably anticipate and satisfy their needs. It is only through continued value creation for our customers that we may prosper.
 INNOVATION:  We are not discouraged by failure, as it is a natural part of trying new ideas and innovating. We are not satisfied with today’s accomplishments. Instead, we continuously work to facilitate the best services and products, never setting limits on our development potential.
 PEOPLE:  We understand our most valued assets walk in and out the door every day. We attract, develop, and retain the best talent and empower our employees to make sound decisions, embrace entrepreneurial spirit, and take the initiative to do what is right.

Project Development

Whether prospecting for sites, evaluating a potential project, securing critical engineering services, or help to manage construction, Echo Energy Group understands alternative energy development every step of the way. We recognize the importance of building important relationships with our host communities. Our project development stages reveal the capabilities that our staff brings to each of our project and yours.

  • Prospecting for new environmental projects.
  • Evaluating potential projects.
  • Develop economically viable projects.
  • Creating, enhancing and maintaining important relationships.

Reaching Out to the Community

We are dedicated to educating our community about sustainable technologies through public information and education programs. We are available to speak to your organization, including civic groups, community meetings, K-12 green energy education programs or other organized functions. To request our assistance for your event, please contact us.

  • Hosting public information meetings
  • Publishing project newsletters
  • Building relationships with local organizations
  • Supporting local economic development programs