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Echo Energy Group focuses on the Consulting, Design, Equipment supply, Service, Maintenance, Installation, Financing, and Monitoring of all projects. Some areas of interest are Solar PV systems, Wind turbines, Solar Thermal heating systems, Geothermal, and Weatherization.Teaming up with industry leading engineers gives us the upper hand on our competition by allowing us to design a custom system for any location. The process is as follows:

  1. Energy and weatherization audit
  2. Study data from audits and conduct research on location
  3. Submit report for evaluation
  4. Report contains anticipated costs and estimated revenue
  5. Provide guidance for decision making

We are Experts

There are differences in each and every solar panel; the main differences in each system will be the efficiency, the inverters, the wiring, and the way they are installed. Also, the warranty that each company provides varies. The engineers will custom design the systems to fit the client’s needs.

There are many different vendors and styles of systems to choose. Echo Energy Group has been working to set up relationships with American made panel manufacturers.

More proprietary files are available after executing Echo Energy Group’s NDA. Use the form at left to contact us and get started.